My life has been filled with many trials and tribulations that most do not experience in a lifetime. I am often told I should write a book and perhaps one day I will. For now, I will begin with this blog. I lost my mother tragically at the tender age of 13 and then my dad- also tragically- at the age of 29 when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. Just when I thought the worst had happened I was then diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune illness before my son’s first birthday. He was 10 months old and my future uncertain. The cruelest reality of the diagnosis is that I know first hand what it’s like to walk through life without my parents- specifically the defining loss of my mother as a child and the impact it’s had on my life since. To then be faced with my own mortality when I had barely become a mother myself seemed beyond comprehensible.  Through it all I have tried to persevere and do the best I can. As much as I love and miss my father- I’ve always felt my mother’s love and strength from beyond has guided me through many of my heartaches- his death included. I plan to write about my life and past in hopes to help or inspire others.


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