3:00 in the morning. Most are well into their slumber. Maybe with the exception of the third-shifter, mommy (or daddy) with a newborn or sick child, the proverbial horror movie where the chains rattle… Or then there’s me. 3am means wide awake and thinking or eating (cookies among other things). 3am sometimes just means insomnia or it’s frantic worry (with cookies). Debt, my kids, my
Chronic illness (touch on that on another post), will we ever save enough money? will I go back to school? I am mid 30’s, old… When did that happen.. Oh my God my youngest is turning 4- no more babies, or maybe, but they’ll be so far apart in age, can my body handle another pregnancy? And the list goes on. These are all things that seldom cross my mind during the day but the worry in the wee hours of the morning is almost desperate. As Matchbox 20 sings…. It’s 3am I must be lonely……… Well I can’t help but be scared of it all sometimes… and I sure am.


New Year

Happy New Year! My Dad would always call me at the stroke of midnight. This year I’ll take hearing Billy Joel perform “You May be Right” (a song that reminds me of him) as his “phone call” from Heaven 🙂